MF 10

Petrol Station based on the container type MF 10 is used for storing and pouring diesel fuel. A cylinder flat steel tank and connected pump and other necessary equipment shall be installed in a 20 -foot steel container, particularly manufacturing. Charging is done by shortly closing valve (loading gun) . The tank is done by using a powerful pump located on the road tankers. There is a space separate from the container by sealed and bolted steel wall, which does not pass the fuel. (The volume of this space can take all the fuel stored in the container in its damage or for other technical reasons not to get fuel into the environment and cause pollution). The construction of the facility is modern and its operation easier.

MF 10

Most often wanted container is from  type MF 10 . If necessary it can be supplied with other sizes


Размер на контейнера

Полезен обем
MF 05 10' 4,9 m3
MF 10 20' 10,0 m3
MF 30 40' 30,0 m3




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