Refrigiration Containers

The EUROHOUSE produces prefabricated cold rooms from panels
sandwich type  for zero and subzero temperatures together with the relevant
refrigeration aggregate rooms upon  sizes on client’s request.
Your cold room will grow with the growth of your company and if
Need be for bonus of cold areas all you have to call us
and we will finish the building of the existing chamber.
We build the following facilities:
air - drying
complete development of refrigeration plants.
Cold rooms and warehouses for meat and dairy products, fish and fishery products
fruits and vegetables and more.
                   Lease term: 60 months
                   First installment of 3280 BGN
                   The amount of funding amount: 13,120 BGN
                   Annual appreciation: 5.84%
                   Equal monthly installments during the period: 298.92 BGN

The EUROHOUSE manufacture ​​modular - cold rooms and refrigerated containers from Sandwich panels to zero and subzero temperatures, complete with the cold agregatikameri sizes on client’s request .

You can plan freely any part of your warehouse . With our panels you can use every square inch of valuable retail space in both height and width.

Your portable freezing room will grow with the growth of your company and if you need a refrigerated area for bonus.All you have to do is to call us and we will finish building the existing chamber.

- Cold rooms with insulated panels with a thickness of 70mm. for temperatures of +10 to -5 ° C

- Cold rooms with insulated panels with a thickness of 100 mm . of temperatures from -15 to -25 ° C

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Model Scheme for leasing оф refrigeration container r with sample sizes:

5000 mm x 3000 mm x 2500 mm
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сглобяеми къщиThe Refrigeration containers (RC) are used for goods to be transported at a constant positive or negative temperature. These products are separated on chilled or frozen depending on whether the transport temperature is above or below the freezing point These are mainly fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products like butter and cheese.

By means of specially controlled environment in the refrigerated containers are for the preservation of the perishable products for a long time.

hladi The temperature in the container is decreased by cooling with nitrogen or carbon dioxide , and during the transport  it is kept constant by means of a system of thermal relays. Requirement for the atmosphere containers are to be hermetically sealed in order to reduce the oxidative effect of the oxygen in the ambient air.
There are commercially available and refrigeration systems that are integrated into the container. It is also possible solution for mounting the cooling system of the container with a side opening. In the recent yearsappeared  and containers with fully autonomous control of the internal environment .
The system for controlling the temperature is inside the container. This is necessary in order not to be changed dimensions of the container when if an external application and thereby distort the standards of ISO. Then could occur problems in transport such as placing the container in a standard sized box ship. The internal placement of the system leads to reduction of the space in the container and the payload .
The refrigeration containers are available in 20 - or 40-foots