EUROHOUSE Convertable houses




The Convertable houses are mobile homes which can be used for villas, small eateries and shops for construction of holiday villages , construction of temporary settlements in construction, forestry , mining , construction of temporary stations management in disasters and emergencies and more. sites outside settlements. They can be constructed of different sizes settlements. Depending on the size and function of the complex using different types of houses :
Houses which have only bedrooms.
Houses for sanitary purposes in which they are bathrooms, toilets, laundries.
Holiday houses and games.
Home for dining.
Houses for shops and other services.
Houses for administrative services .
Used houses and cottages which are built with all installations.
Has appointed bathroom , kitchenette , wardrobe and water heater. Heated by heaters or convectors. The outer and inner lining of the walls , floor and ceiling is softwood. Walls, floors and ceilings are insulated . Thickness of 8 cm
In folded (transport) type their width is 2.5 meters and it enables you to easily carry different vehicles (cars, trains and ships). The houses are supplied fully finished and when they are not carried out any construction activities. Place on racks with screws nivelirene.Razgavaneto and folding is easy with a device that comes with the house.
The houses have a width of 6 m and a length of 6 to 12 meters and an area of 36 to 72 square meters
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Transport type


Разгъване на подове и тавани





Unfolding of floors and ceilings






Walls unfolding





House distribution 36 sq. m.



Apartment 362



Apartment 724