designing EUROHOUSE " Ltd. `s designers specialize in:

Preparing preliminary design, technical and work design investment projects on all necessary parts /Architectural, SK, Electric, VIK, OVK, VP, Technical/
Research and planning /family houses and multifamily buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings, interior design/.

3D visualizing of architectural projects - Detailed structural plans PUP, RUP - Consulting - Author's supervision.

The team of "EUROHOUSE" Ltd. earns the customers' trust with high quality design suitable to their requirements and deadlines. Bearing in mind the specifics of our activity and the securitisation of flexibility of our answers to the needs of the market, we work with proven professionalists, aiming at dynamism of our work by attracting younger and perspective colleagues. This allows us to combine the high quality of the proposed services with the dynamics of our time.

"EUROHOUSE" Ltd. company design stands out with its balance in the maximum utilization of the space, conformity of the building's functions to the customer's needs, budget optimization and focusing on style and aesthetical presentability at the same time.