Ecologic Houses

Minimized site pollution

budget-2013-affordable-housing-may-get-infra-statusAll the materials that are used in this type of steel structure do not cause any kind of pollution to the environment.  Because of the fact that the main part of the construction take place in a fully organized and restricted area and the majority of the materials in use are recyclable, it minimizes typical “on site” pollution problems such as dust and noise pollution. These reasons designate LSG structures to be ideal for not just new houses and constructions, but for additions in houses or additional floors.

The main materials that are used in Light Steel Gauge structures are: Steel, Gypsum-Board, Fiber-glass insulation and other materials, all environmental and people friendly. All the materials mentioned are 99% recyclable and in combination with the highest levels of insulation that they provide, appoint that way of construction ecological and Bio-climatical. In few words the specified building system is following right behind the motto of the current times which a ecological or “Green House

-    Steel consiste the most recyclable material in the world. Just in the USA 70 millions tonnes of steel were recycled.

-    More steel is recycled every year than every other material including aluminium, paper and glass put together.

-    More that 95% of the water used for the steel production is being recycles. Many times gets much clearer than when  it was used the first time.

-    Authentic fact is that all the wastes that were produced in the past from the steel industry, now are being recycled for reclaim and benefit use.

Fully Recyclable


General information about steel recyclability