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 Commercial automated container - EUROBOX

Think inside the box


Hard to believe, but it opens in 90 seconds and it is transformed into a restaurant, shop, art gallery. Will believe it. It is named Evrobox because it can be moved. Since you can put it wherever you want, no need of planning permission. The container itself can be easily transported by road, rail or sea.

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The Eurobox is designed to be environmentally friendly. Materials that can be recycled, sustainable; It can use solar energy through the Self Power Building system.

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 The Eurobox is a detachable container transforming itself into a restaurant moveable and modular system adaptable to the local specifications, varied food for all tastes specialty. This is a system with no limits.

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The main advantage of the system

Easily moveable, you can put it wherever you want for festivals, events, fairs…
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Along the seaside:

Along the road, in front of water or the city or the suburbs, you can rent a space for an year. You will be surprised how quickly they can be opened the side panels. The side panels are operated by remote control. The benches and the tables are easy to be assembled. Your operating restaurant just for minutes.
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The equipment may include:
Pizza oven
Work bench with marble top-table
Refrigerated storage system
Refrigerated show display
Work table with drawers
Sink faucet with running water
Extractor with filter
Electric pan with cupboard underneath
Part for the preparation of salad cabinet underneath
Fryer with drain
Motorized awning (with remote control)
Electrical panel and plugs


Refrigeration table (integrated)


Lighting with low energy consumption

36 seats

Benches and tables, etc. ...


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technical information

The steel constructure is completely developed and built in our factory.

Dimensions (approximately):

Length: 6,10 m to ...... unlimited - can be paired built and ... etc.

Width: 2,40 m to unlimited ..... - can be paired built and ... etc.

Height: 2,60 m - standard

Surface (open): 50 m2

Weight: 5824 kg

Voltage: 380 V

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