Eurohouse - Car Park Systems

The driver behind every new project is
the need to efficiently park and accommodate cars

We design car parks in accordance with European and country specific requirements directly from our head offices: As a part of the design process EUROHOUSE car park systems seeks to take advice from all involved stakeholders, such as investors, clients and architects. In any country we ensure that our design reflects the outcome desired by all the parties involved.

The key drivers for a successful concept are: architecturally pleasing design, build quality and the minimisation of costs. To this end we start where the influence is greatest – at the planning & design stage.


Many individual decisions which impact upon the future efficiency of the car park have to be made in the course of a project:
Some of the decisions may include traffic engineering and choice of location - but as a fundamental principle our design always puts priority on integrating the car park into the existing landscape and environment.

Other critical factors include compliance with traffic regulations, fire safety standards, air pollution control, ventilation and escape routes. Special technical equipment, such as parking guide systems or other facilities are also incorporated into the early planning stage. Furthermore, the customer may require a specific operating concept to be considered.
At EUROHOUSE we not only integrate the design requirements of our clients into our systemised solutions, we also make them compliant with the building regulations and standards ot the countries which we work in.