NEW - hall for 79 Euro / m2!

Хале We are pleased to present already in Europe
   Warehouses with galvanized steel structure type: Construction Kit Hall at a cost 79 euros excluding VAT per m2 in hall with sample sizes 12 m - width x 60 m - length x 4 m - height. Price is for hall with minimum 200m2. (not including installation of 3-5 per m2).
From us you get:
A. Design of structures.
2. Production of galvanized steel construction for hall (columns, trusses, cross sections over the farm (roofing, metal ties against the wind).
3. We provide full instructions for completion.

You still have to finish by us or another subcontractor:
A. Walls (dressing the walls with insulated panels, lining or steel.
2. Roof (laying of insulated panels, lining or sheet
3. joinery
4. Wiring and plumbing

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