Own financing , no income proof needed. Home on credit , approval up to 5 days !!!

Do you want to get mortgage financing to build your home without proof of income? Our company WWW.EUROHOUSE.US  is now providing this opportunity to you. We offer financing to build your dream home without the need to worry about proving any income. It is not even necessary to have American, Canadian or British citizenship, the only requirement is to own the piece of land. The documentation processing fee is only $99 for US and Canadian citizens and 99 euros for Europe. Once we receive a copy of the architectural drawing of your land parcel as well as the deed, we can deliver our decision within five business days. Please send the required documentation to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
After you are approved for our financing, down payment of 20% of the market price of the house is needed upfront. You need to select the “Turn Key Construction” option from our website which has the following pricing: from $99 to $120 per sq. for US and Canada and between 850 – 1,050 euros per m2 for Europe depending on the project.
In order to qualify for our financing, your land deed needs to be clear of any liens and mortgages. Once we sign a contract for financing, you would be basically mortgaging the newly constructed house. The mortgage would be for 10 years with annual interest between 5% and 8% (depending on your location).
Apply to get financing for your dream home through our simplified home credit process where the paperwork requirements are minimal and you will not encounter any hidden, unpleasant surprises.
There are no prepayment penalty fees if you decide to pay off your mortgage earlier. The principal will be recalculated and you will end up paying less interest.
The price that we offer also includes our EUROHOUSE architectural projects. The pictures that you see on our web site are real projects and one of them could be your new, spacious house. Let us help you buy your dream home!
Our company is the only one in the world offering financing for the foundation of a house using EUROHOUSE technology. For additional information please visit:
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