Portable houses -  “ EUROHOUSE ” company offer and PORTABLE (TRANSPORTABLE) houses

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EUROHOUSE is the only one manufacturer of prefabricated houses in Bulgaria.  You don’t need permission for construction or other permissions for building. The building site can be out of regulation.

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At the time of delivery portable houses “EUROHOUSES” are completely finished and ready for exploitation.  These buildings not require concrete groundwork. You don’t need documents for construction and gives opportunity for repeatable moving. 


We build:


преместваеми къщи преместваема къща преместваема къща
преместваема къща    


• Portable houses (one-storied huses, duplex houses, motels)   
• Portable office buildings
Poratble bidlings, designed for restaurants or bars
• Portable biuldings, designed for dormitories or canteens

Portable constructions, designed for commerce or trade
Portable constructions with social functions

The construction of portable accomodation is totally metallic and allows moving.


преместваеми къщи Преместваема къща преместваеми къщи
преместваеми къщи    

Product price: Portable house (luxury construction)                                                                                                                                                                                     - ... euro/ m2 ( price includes includes  metallic bottom, with preliminary prepared stage with hard coating)

PORTABLE HOUSE SAMPLE LEASING SCHEMEwith minimal sample total available area- ... m2
Delivery price :  ...............  euro
Leasing time limit :  60 month
Initial installment :  .............  euro
Monthly installment :  ...........  euro
Annual escalation : ........... %

  • wall insulated with mineral wadding and an extra insulation at customer’s choice (siding or retrofitting)  
  • floor with metallic construction – insolated
  • built-in electric installationcatalogue                            
  • built-in water supply and sanitation - catalogue
  • external plaster or PVC siding catalogue
  • capped lining – Knauf – Rigips or PVC wainscoting
  • revetment walls –  Knauf – Rigips or PVC wainscoting 
  • floor facing – laminate – Kronospan – “Click system” – catalogue
  • doors and walls – five chamber PVC window frames
  • roof – double-pitched with bitumen roof-tile catalogue
  • gutters – PVC
  • entrance door – armored - catalogue
  • Interior doors - catalogue
  • Installationofswitchesand sockets
  • low voltage links - phone - 1 point, cable TV - 1 point in room
  • Internal rooms – 3 plies latex – catalogue



Преместваеми къщи Преместваеми къщи преместваеми къщи
преместваеми къщи    

Portable houses with metallic constructions are comfortable, energy saving, 100% completed and have wonderful vision. Choice of finishing operations and the location of doors and windows is entirely yours.

преместваеми къщи преместваеми къщи преместваеми къщи
преместваеми къщи    

According to your preferences, desires and needs, we build prefabricated houses for year round use, with very good thermal and sound insulation characteristics and very low prices. The free space under the house may be filled with the normal house vision. Minimal total available area for portable house that you can order is 40 m2.

Sincerely yours

the team