Mobile Home


Yes that is right - we offer you Super High Quality Park Homes that are built in compliance with  !

Mobile Park Homes do not have to meet such strict standards and specifications - but our units do - we are different, as we only offer the very highest quality and specification of Park Home out to our customers..

With our High Quality Homes your local requirements for Planning should be as simple as can possibly be !

Here at Cabins Unlimited, we will work with you to design and manufacture your dream home for you.

We offer a huge variety of Park Homes including our Super Deluxe Double Eco Park Homes, one of which is shown in the video below.  

One customer described our show home as a "Super Duper, Ultra Modern, Bungalow - On Wheels" - which isn't far from the truth!

  • Top of the RangeDouble Eco Park Home from Cabins Unlimited
  • Supeior build quality than standard park homes.Build to house building regs not park home regs!
  • Customer choice and specificationThis really is a top end park home full of luxury!
  • Large lounge and dining area
  • Large kitchen with built in appliances
  • Dining room with beautiful flooring and windows
  • Spacious double bedroom with ensuite
  • Deluxe interior finishes
  • Twin bedroom
  • Luxurious bathroom
  • Hallway leading to utility room, bathroom and bedrooms

Essentially, our units are a timber framed bungalow, built on a steel chassis and built to a much higher specification than any other Park Home.

We have a range of Park Homes available for you to buy from our standard range or we can design one to suit your own exact needs and requirements. They can be built to any specification and for any use.  

If you want to have extra accommodation at your property or you own or have bought a space in a park, Cabins Unlimited can help you make your ideal building a reality. The video is a representation to show you what is possible.  These cabins can be delivered as a basic shell or can be fully fitted with kitchens, bathroom, bedroom, lounge furniture and even a flat screen TV on the wall.

Our buildings are unique in style and quality, as we build them to comply with. They are much more advanced than any standard Park Home. Our units are super energy efficient and come as standard with a C energy rating, so the same as a brand new Timber Frame home would be today. With some optional extras such as solar panels, air source heat pumps or triple glazing for example, we can even get the energy rating up to an A Energy Rating which is almost unbelievable - but true.

You will not find anything like our Park Homes anywhere else - call us to arrange to meet with you at our show site and you will see for yourself the reason why our buildings are unique.  

  1   40'x20' Halifax Double Eco Home Park Home, Lodge, Mobile Home - Gold Standard to UK Building Regulations   
  1   Hooper Deluxe Double Eco Lodge Park Home  
  2   Hooper Deluxe Double Eco Lodge Park Home  
  2   Mobile Park Home designed for Wheelchair Access and a Wetroom  
  3   40'x14' Mobile Home - Empty Shell  
  3   Mobile Park Home designed for Wheelchair Access and a Wetroom  
  3   Special Offer! Shell only 20’ x 40’ twin bay - no fit out - Min 5 Unit order