Rotating Houses

rferrWant your house to be completely different from others! Then, RotatingHome ensures you difference with ultimate style! The rotating home can turn a 100 times in one direction or a 1,000 in the other or stop in any position while always being connected to all the utilities. The unique rotating feature allows you to see your entire view from all the major rooms in your home, so no more view-hassles!

The rotating home can be built in any size or shape with all or part of the home turning and it can have any number of stories with one or all rotating. The rotating feature is made possible by the truly unique and patented Swivel at the heart of the home and you can even choose the speed it rotates! A rotating home is just perfect for an upscale beach house or large mountain cabin. So, now you can boast of 360 degree-views at your house!!!


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